miioSMILE is constantly evolving!

We take into account all the requirements of our customers, legislative changes, and the evolution of technology so that you have the most complete software for the dental lab!


Quick access to the calendar of laboratory cases and cases overview.

From the calendar of cases, you will be able to access very quickly each lab RX file.

Registration of works

With an intuitive interface, miioSMILE offers the possibility to record each received worksheet and turn it into a digital worksheet. Each lab sheet includes: dental scheme, type of restoration, color specifications, patient photos, trial and delivery deadlines, just about everything a dental technician needs to perform a dental restoration.

Automatic allocation of production labor

For each case added in miioSMILE, a production flow will be automatically generated (depending on the laboratory configurations) and distributed to the employed technicians.

* Optionally, each employed technician, depending on the assigned production work, will receive a notification on the mobile app that a new case has been added in miioSMILE.

Connecting employed technicians

Technicians in your lab will log in individually to the miioSMILE PRO app (available for free for iOS and Android) and scan the QR code of the job to see the production tasks assigned to them.

The accounts of the employed technicians will be created by the laboratory administrator from the administration interface. Each employed technician will have, in the mobile application, an individual report with the number of elements made ( optional ).

Supervision of production stages

From now on, the supervision of the production stages can be done in front of the computer, directly from miioSMILE. Each work entered into production has an advanced system for highlighting the stages performed and visualizing the technicians associated with the work.

Lab Reception


CAD Design

CAM Production



Lab sheet

Each lab sheet has a unique code for which a QR code is generated. By scanning the QR code, with the mobile phone, from the miioSMILE PRO application, the employed technicians have access to the details of the future dental restoration.


For each registered case, the laboratory file, the individual label containing the QR code for identification, the proforma invoice, and the certificate of conformity for dental restorations can be printed.

Calculation of labor costs

Easily and quickly access the individual report for each technician in your lab.

For each hired technician you have the following reports available:

  • Number of items made
  • Individual commissions on production stages
  • Amounts to be paid and payment history



Reports are an essential module in miioSMILE.

Available reports:

  • Medical report
  • Revenue report
  • Technical report
  • Individual commission report
  • Production stages report
  • Summary of daily deliveries
  • New works report

From now on you can extract an individual report for the doctors you work with. You can print this report or email the report in PDF format.